Monday, October 5, 2009

Menthol Candy

I got off the institution in San Juan and went straight to EDSA Shangri-la to hook up with Ian for some beer and stories. Yearning for a smoke, I looked for a cigarette vendor along Shaw Blvd. but cannot find one so I walked towards Pasig Area until I found a vendor nervously sitting by the sidewalk, eyes moving cautiously, searching, waiting for something.

Settling down beside her with my precius cigarette stick, I asked the reason for her fidgety action. She said that the police are very active nowadays trying to apprehend hawkers like her along the Mandaluyong Central Business District.

She used to earn three hundred pesos net for a whole day's work and its not a 9 to 5 thing but a gruelling morning til night "patintero" with cars and people along Shaw Blvd. Now, her 300 pesos would include her "puhunan" for tomorrow. She makes do with a menthol candy for lunch and has to spend some for her jeepney fare home.

Sitting beside the cigarette vendor along the Shaw blvd. sidewalk, looking at the people rushing by, catching up with something I cannot comprehend, I remembered Thelma at that exact time to be sitting beside the U.S. Ambassador for their school activity discussing God knows what the U.S.A has to offer their beloved Philippines.

And I bet it wont be a menthol candy they'll partake for dinner.

Now for my beer.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Images of SONA 09' Protest Rally

Umuusok ang isang bahagi ng Commonwealth Avenue nuong July 27, 2009 dahil sa himagsik ng sanlaksang mamamayan na naulanan man subalit hindi namatay ang init ng kanilang pakikihamok at pagbalikwas laban sa rehimeng US-GMA.
Malayo-layo rin ang binagtas ko para marating ang kinaroroonan ng bulto subalit nabuhayan ng loob ng muling makadaupang palad ang mga kasamang tuloy-tuloy na nagsusulong ng kilusan para sa pagbabago.
Sa sana ay pinakahuling SONA na ni GMA, hindi siya nagpatumpik-tumpik at patuloy ang mapagmaneobrang mga salita para panatilihin ang sarili sa poder ng kapangyarihan pagkatapos ng kanyang termino.
Handa na ang mamamayan sa laban....

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Free Ka Jovencio Balweg!

Palayain si Ka Jovencio Balweg at lahat ng Bilanggong Pulitikal!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Todo Tiende by Ojos de Brujo

i was watching Aljazeera channel and came across this fusion band from Spain called Ojos de Brujo. Wasak ang tenga ko! The band really rocked and they even articulated their sound well, and played it even better. Wow!

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Friday, March 27, 2009

Wednesday Groove

Last wednesday was crazy hearing a band i totally forgot at the moment the name at the 70's Bistro. With Adrian, we wrecked the dance floor with our groovy dance grooves grooving over SKa music and eclectic music but sounds all the same with the twirling, whirling beer spirit over our heads.

It was a night of renewal and friendship as i met a father of my student for the second time then meeting a former seminarian teaching philosophy who happens to be a housemate of Atty. Adrian.

Its been two days and i still cannot remember the band's name. I've mentioned it to my sister yesterday and now, i am at a lost! the singer styled like Jason Mraz in his trilby but can play a mean guitar while singing.

Memory lost! Its the age thing creeping again.